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 Joining NSSLHA

Dues: Dues are $20 for the year and to be paid within a week of joining.


Member: In order to be considered a member of NSSLHA, a $20 yearly due is required. There are no requirements beyond this.

Active Members: Active Membership receives higher recognition within the club of NSSLHA. To be considered an Active Member and receive a cord to wear at graduation, the following requirements must be met in 2 of the four semesters prior to graduation:

  • (1) Social or Study Session,
  • (1) Philanthropy,
  • (1) Fundraising,
  • Attendance at 2 out of 3 general body meetings (or equivalent)
  • (3) Volunteer hours for an organization that supports individuals with communication issues. Members can do this as a group or on their own.

Benefits of Membership:

Member: invitation to all events of the club, opportunity to learn from professionals in the field, access to peer mentors, opportunity to gain a better relationship with faculty, scholarship eligibility

Active Member: all the benefits of a member, scholarship eligibility priority, graduation cords to graduating Active Members

We look forward to you becoming a member of UA NSSLHA!

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