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Next meeting: Tuesday, November 13, 2018
7pm, SLHS 205
Past meeting minutes:
2nd General Body Meeting (October 9, 2018)
  • Thank you to all who attended the Welcome Back Social and Family Weekend Open House- social points are covered for those who came!
  • MAPS Moment: Research Labs-

Use the link to find a lab that interests you:

Contact professors/lab managers soon for next semester

  • Reflectance Lab- Dr. Velenovsky-

Better understanding of human auditory function; more of a clinical focus

Currently working on 9 projects, Dr. V is very open to emailing/meeting if you are interested

  • Neuroaudiology Lab-Dr. Musiek- (speaker- Bryan Wong, AuD Student)
    • Works with kids & adults
    • Why study neuroaudiology? You listen with your brain as well as your ears. Good opportunity to study the brain and learn more about MRI.
    • No undergraduates in the lab, but there might be openings for dedicated students. *TALK TO BRYAN FIRST IF INTERESTED*
  • Audiologic Rehabilitation Lab- Dr. Marrone- (speaker- Ivy Ho, NSSLHA member)
    • How to improve people’s quality of life and healthcare
    • Interact with community through the research lab or in Doctor Offices and Hospitals
    • Great lab because it is service oriented and you are able to leave the lab
    • Patients learn ways to adjust to their hearing loss, while undergraduates learn how to summarize/analyze research articles in addition to experience with Dr. Marrone
    • *If interested contact Ivy Ho*
  • Voice Lab- Dr. Samlan- (speaker- Dianna Aliotti & Ali Block, NSSLHA members)
    • Improve treatment of breathy voice disorders like dysphonia, vocal fold paralysis, & parkinson’s disease
    • Students can conduct research themselves and gain experience with Praat & frailty tests
    • Research participants are older students
    • Applicants are not open now, but show interest by emailing because a few spots may open in the spring
  • L4 Lab- Dr. Alt- (speaker- Carson Pyatt, Philantropy Chair)
    • Studying how people learn words & concepts associated with words
    • Toddler Study- opportunity to be clinicians as undergraduate students and form connections with families
    • POWER study- Working memory tests, recruiting for next semester
    • Talker study- Tests academic spelling with college-aged students who speak different languages
    • Bilingual study- Transcriber positions are open for those who can transcribe for english or spanish (NOT using IPA)
  • Plante Lab & Talk Moore Camp- Dr. Plante & Becky Vance-
    • Adult study (on campus)- 2 hr long tests screening language development
    • Preschool study (schools in Tucson)
    • Summer Camp- in June & July here in Tucson, you get to build relationships with the kids
    • If interested, email Becky Vance
  • Cognitive-Communication Brain Lab- Dr. Brown-
    • Conversational analysis with stroke victims, eye-tracking
    • Minimum of a 5 hr per week commitment
    • Please email Maddy Wollersheim,
  • Bilingual Phonology Lab- Dr. Fabiano-Smith-
    • Reducing health disparities and diagnosing communication disorders in latino populations
    • Use phonetics to listen to speech samples, Native Spanish speakers needed!
  • Alternative Opportunities-
    • Wings on Words
    • CAP program
    • Labs with teachers like Dr. Kapa, Dr. Kielar, etc.
  • Active Member Status- check slides
  • Come to the Meeting November 13th!
  • Think Tank Prep Course Contacts are in the slides
  • Use to fill out letter to legislators on behalf of ASHA!
  • Study Party (social point)—Friday, October 12th, 2-4pm, Pizza for 261 and 267. Open to all classes
  • Book Drive- philanthropy point for donating or 1 volunteer hour for tabling- October 23-25. Email Carson if you have questions.
  • Apraxia Walk- October 27th, 9 AM, Email Kelly Pichitino at if interested
  • Halloween Bake Sale, October 31st- fundraising point for tabling or donating a baked good (wrapped) or purchasing $3 worth of goodies. Drop off food with Kim on Tuesday the 30th. Google sign-up sheet for positions and donations.
  • Club Olympics- fill out google doc if interested in participating
  • November Events: Buddy Walk (11/4), Alzheimer’s Walk (11/10), Cocoa Cookies & Cards (11/13)<—— LAST SOCIAL POINT FOR SEMESTER after the 3rd GBM.

*** Social Media***

ADD us on Facebook, join members only FB group, and follow us on instagram

Social Media

Send videos asking your friends, professors, family members about what they know about SLHS as a major or anything relating to it.



1st General Body Meeting (September 11, 2018)
Meeting Guest Speaker: Andrea Palacio (SLHS Undergraduate Advisor)
• Put SSID in subject line of emails
• Keep emails concise, meeting are when you will discuss details
• Expect a response to emails within 2 weeks, if time sensitive write “time sensitive/urgent”
• There is no minimum or maximum number of advisor appointments, 1 semester is the average
• Use Wise Advising to schedule appointments (can be found in the signature of Andrea’s emails)
• Check out the brown bag lunches with Andrea
Membership requirements:
• $20 yearly dues

• Must meet requirements for 2 out the LAST 4 semester of undergrad (junior and senior year)

  • 1 social event or study session
  •  1 philanthropy point
  • 1 fundraising point
  • Attend 2⁄3 general body meetings
  • 3 volunteer hours ***Must be for an organization that supports communication disordersBylaw voting:
    ****Do we have to complete all of the requirements in one semester or can points carry over to another semester?

Lauren Mann moved to approve the bylaws, seconded by Sarah Laitin. Motion passes with no objections.

Benefits of Active Membership were discussed: eligibility for scholarships, becoming more involved in department, etc.


Advocacy Committee: working on connecting our chapter to national NSSLHA throughsocial media and spread knowledge about our major with a fun video!

Philanthropy Committee: great way to get more involved in the SLHS community at ourage

Student and Alumni Relations Committee: people to represent club when reaching out togroups we would like to come to meetings or events Fall Semester Meeting Dates (all @ 7pm in SLHS 205):

Meeting Dates: 9/11, 10/9 , 11/13

Fall Semester Events:

9/24- Welcome Back Social for NSSLHA members@5-6:30pm (SOCIAL POINT)

10/6- Family Weekend: come meet faculty and tour labs (SOCIAL POINT)

10/23-10/25- Book Drive: tabling in SLHS lobby (PHILANTHROPY POINT orVOLUNTEER HOURS TABLING)




11/13- Cocoa, Cookies, and Cards: come after GBM and make holiday cards to ahospital of our choosing (SOCIAL POINT)

Maps Moment:

Email etiquette: keep it formal, use “Professor” if you don’t know your teachers title!

Dress the way you would dress if you were asking for a recommendation letter!!*Apply for this scholarship by September 30th:

*T-Shirt designs due by September 30th using Customink and use ​men’s cut ​when designing! You may use U of A logos!
*Join NSSLHA facebook group (add Dionna as a friend) and follow us on instagram! *Look out for the social media takeover for the college of science! If you are interested in doing a video, ask Carson Pyatt!


Would we like study parties scheduled by class or for everyone to study anything they need?

  • GRE Prep meeting for people missing Andrea’s brown-bag event
  • We will use facebook group page to communicate instead of a mentor/menteemeeting, so we encourage questions on the facebook group page
  • Majority prefer class specific study sessions
Scholarship Application Link
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