2016-2017 Officers

NSSLHA Officers:

President: Amanda Nirenberg

Vice President: Dalilah Del Valle

Secretary: Page DeHaan

Treasurer: Allison Arendt

Philanthropy Chair: Gina Berry

Fundraising Chairs:  Lindsay Kozono and Katie Reinard

Social Chair: Karen Ayala-Miranda

Historian: Madison Brancheau

MAPs Chair: Samantha Orwoll


Graduate Student Liaison:



 Advisor: Jennifer Casteix–casteix@email.arizona.edu

  • Jennifer joined the SLHS Department in January, 2009. She received her undergraduate degree from University of California, Santa Barbara, and her graduate degree from the UA. Jennifer worked at Tucson Medical Center for almost 20 years, developing a variety of pediatric-based inpatient and outpatient programs. She has a strong interest in early intervention and dysphagia, as well as working with children with autism, developmental delays, articulation and phonological disorders. Jennifer currently supervises graduate students in the GBC.



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